The moment Devon’s eyes met the nun’s when she stepped onto the train he was instantly caught in a sensual web. His gut told him she was lying and hiding something yet he couldn’t break free of the need to have her. The very last thing he wanted was to become involved with a deceitful woman and swore to keep away from her but after one kiss, he was addicted. He was torn between seducing her and avoiding her. When she suddenly vanished and he discovered what she’d been up, to he was filled with impotent rage and still he found it impossible to forget her.

Kenna couldn’t help but be drawn to the tall, dark haired ranger. Even knowing how dangerous he was he stirred emotions inside her she’d never experienced. She knew if she didn’t avoid him that he would interfere with her mission and she couldn’t allow that to happen. Yet every time he dragged her into the alley and made her senseless with his kisses he only made her crave more. She suspected he knew that she was deceiving him when he kept hounding her for the truth. Luckily, when he did find out what she had been up to, she’d be long gone and he’d never be able to find her.
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Book Review
Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

I liked The Laird’s Kidnapped Bride by Mysty McPartland very much. Actually, to be more accurate, I love the heroine of this historic novel, Lark. She is quite a woman. As you can guess by the title of the novel, Lark is kidnapped. As a matter of fact, the story opens right in the middle of the kidnapping, which is a great place to get a look at Lark’s mettle as well as jump into the plot. I don’t want to go into the reasons for the kidnapping as that would be something of a spoiler for the astute reader, but all is not as it first appears to Lark, and soon she will have to make some difficult decisions. Lark is more of an action person than she is a thinker, but she is far from stupid.

The thing I probably like most about The Laird’s Kidnapped Bride, besides the unyielding Lark, is the dialogue. I’m not from Scotland so I don’t really know how accurate this dialogue is, but it felt very fictionally accurate, both in the way it is written and spelled, and in the difference in tenor between most of the lairds and ladies and the common classes. The dialogue was as much fun as any I have read in a long time. If you want a flowing, fun read that ends too quickly, then read The Laird’s Kidnapped Bride. You won’t find a leading lady with more gumption anywhere. Mysty McPartland knows how to write great historical romantic fiction.
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Within moments of saving the woman, Logan believed that she was nothing but trouble. Even though he was wildly attracted to her for his own safety and sanity he wanted nothing to do with her. The trouble was that after sharing a few kisses, he found it impossible to keep his distance. The incredible passion between them was too overwhelming to resist and he knew he was truly lost. For Delany, there was nothing better than a handsome cowboy, even one that tended to run hot and cold. Luck was with her when she found herself moving into his home. She hoped it would give her the opportunity to turn up the heat between the two of them. When he begins talking about marriage, she refuses to listen to his rhetoric that “it’s the right thing to do.” After all, she’s determined to marry a gentleman not a cowboy.
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Immensely pleased with his life Tack is shocked when the doctor he hires turns out to be a woman. Fighting the blood racing through his veins and the lust rampaging through him, he is determined to run her of his mountain. However it’s impossible, one night after succumbing to his lust there is only one thing he could do to have the beautiful sexy doc back in his bed, and he is positive that she will not refuse his offer. Kennedy can see her employee is a woman hater the moment she meets him, but she is determined that he won’t frighten her away. One night in a deserted cabin she gives into the strong attraction and feelings she has for him. It had been a mistake and when she declines his cold contract of marriage, she refuses to let him run her off his mountain.
Begging And Pleading
Foolishly making a wager with her brother to prove that no gentleman could remain faithful to a woman for long, Shayleen realizes the moment she meets the man he stirs her senses. Soon the bet no longer mattered, all she wanted was one night of rapturous passion to treasure for the rest of all the lonely years ahead of her.
The moment he met his friend’s little sister, all Ryland could think of is steamy, hot sex, wild and passionate. When she threw down the gauntlet to him, he eagerly took it up and even though he knew he could never touch this woman intimately, he still intended to take some pleasure. What he didn’t expect was to lose his heart in the process.
Just A Wager
Furious after overhearing her cousins discussing a wager involving a certain man, Shelby plans to teach them both a lesson. She would play along with the game, but in the end, she would come out the winner. What she never took into account was the earl’s sensuality or her own attraction to him. Worse, she couldn’t prevent her heart becoming involved.
In a night of drunkenness, Courtland foolishly agrees to a dare his friend puts to him, what he never expected was that he would fall under the spell of the most beguiling woman he had ever laid eyes on. He needed to remind himself he was only seeing her because of the wager he made instead of how much he wanted to bed
Bored and tipsy, Garth makes an assignation with a woman. After taking her in his arms within minutes he was bewitched by her. But it wasn’t long before he realized he had done the one thing he’d been avoiding for years. He caught himself in his own compromising situation. If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable. Though the chit was a complete and utter stranger, he was forced to do the honorable thing and wed her.
It was wrong sneaking into another man’s study and stealing her friend’s dairy back, Laura gained far more than secrets written in a book. Knowing the gentleman’s sordid reputation the last thing she wanted was to become his wife. Yet the plans her family were making for her were far worse. She had no other option but to choose between a rake or a fortune hunter. She chose the scoundrel and prayed she wouldn’t regret it. text
Lucifer”s Kitten
Ordered to the Baron’s court, Kitti has no idea why until he informs her to wed. When he names the groom, she adamantly refuses to marry that skirt chasing lout. He was the very last man she would ever have as a husband, besides, she had already decided to become a nun.
Unable to believe he has been commanded to marry that tart tongued she devil for a wife, Lucian was more than horrified, but he knew that he wasn’t given a choice in the matter and had to obey. If they were to have any chance of a good marriage, he had to put his antagonism aside.
Can Kitta and Lucian put aside their loathing for each other and find love? Or would they be doomed to spend the rest of their lives resenting each other?

Black Warlock’s Woman
Horrified and terrified hearing she was being forced to marry a man called The Black Warlock. A frightening, fierce warrior, yet not long after meeting him, Trista realizes the terrible stories about him must be fabricated. It was a mistake to assume he was anything else but a brutal savage. She was determined though not to cower or let him dominate her. She would defy him at every opportunity until he treated her as an equal.
Though he wasn’t anywhere near ready to wed, Rieph didn’t have a choice, but when setting eyes on his bonny bride thought perhaps it might not be so disagreeable after all. It didn’t take him long though to realize the lass was going to be difficult. The woman was belligerent, rude and insulting and he knew there would be no peace between them until he tamed her. From the start she was going to learn her place and be a biddable wife.
Can Rieph tame his defiant wife? Can he keep her safe? But the question burning his soul was would she ever give him her heart and love him?
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